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The Married to Addiction Online Program

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Week One: The Foundation

I bet you feel like you've been on the battlefield, don't you?

You're tired. You're sad. You're lonely. You feel defeated, and maybe even hopeless.

You need comfort and healing for your soul first and foremost. So we are going to start there.

Week Two: Your Recovery

You are probably completely fixated on your husband's recovery if he is in the throes of addiction. 

But the truth is that you need recovery too.....for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

In this module we will talk about some ways that you can begin to heal YOU, and get back to a happier life in spite of your husband's addiction. 

Week Three: Your Husband's Recovery

I learned SO many things about addiction by taking this involuntary journey with my husband. 

In this module we will talk about both things that I learned through my personal experience with my husband, and also through other sources I explored during my walk through addiction with him.

I hope this perspective is as helpful for you as it was for me.

Week Four: Helpful Practices and Strategies

I learned while walking through addiction with my husband that just a few shifts can really change everything, and take you from feeling like you're drowning to feeling empowered.

In this module I will share a few of those practices and strategies with you. 

Bonus Days

Here are some additional resources for you, including the devotional version of 'Married to Addiction' that you can use to refresh your mind and spirit daily.

There is also a course-end wrap up. Would love your feedback there!

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