You don't have to do this alone

Hey there, I'm Julie.  I believe you've landed here for a reason and I'm so glad you did. Let's start off with three things I'd like for you to know....


I married a good man who fell victim to addiction, just like you probably did. And even though my husband has been sober for a few years now, I still remember the hurt, anger, panic, and despair that his drinking caused like it was yesterday. It was the hardest time of my life.


There are SO many things that I learned while walking this road with my husband, and while going through both his recovery and my own. I know it feels so desperate to be where you are right now, but I want you to know that there IS something you can do....actually several things you can get out from under these feelings of despair and moving in a much better direction, for both you AND your husband.


I am now a Recovery Mentor for wives of alcoholics. I offer programs and coaching that equips you with the tools and strength you need to navigate your husband's addiction without losing yourself in the process. I also teach you how to best help your addicted husband through this journey. I would be honored to help you navigate this difficult path.

Available Products

Sisters Circle

The Secret Sisters Circle private group coaching program is designed to take the Christian wife of an alcoholic from hurting to healing.

Get the help you need without feeling exposed, beginning today.

How to Get Off of the Addiction Rollercoaster

A free 4-day coaching series to help the Christian wife of an alcoholic reduce the chaos in her life and learn to take back her power.

Boundaries Mini Course

I know firsthand how difficult this can be.

When my husband was deep in the throes of addiction I remember hearing that I should 'set boundaries', but that concept seemed fuzzy to me.

I'd try to set them, but they were ineffective, and it just ended up causing more and more resentment in my already troubled marriage.

But once I finally learned what healthy boundaries were...and were NOT...and how to actually create them in a healthy way it changed everything.

Click through to learn more....

MTA Program

A faith-based 30 day program for the wife of an alcoholic written by someone who has been down this road and deeply understands what you are going through. 

This program will give you the tools you need to navigate this path, and teach you how to best help your husband AND yourself.

Together in Transition: For Wives Supporting New Recovery (Workshop with Workbook)

If your husband is new in recovery, whether for the first time or again after multiple attempts, then this workshop is for you.

When my husband came home from the treatment center I was NOT prepared for what happened next.

I had no idea that the period after that would hold a whole new set of challenges.

In this workshop I share with you all of the things I wish I knew then. Things that would have made it easier for me, for my husband, and even for our kids.

Free Boundaries Workbook

As the wife of an alcoholic we know we need good boundaries, but most of us don't really understand what that entails, or what it would look like in our situation.

If you have wondered how to set healthy, effective boundaries with your alcoholic husband then this free Boundaries Workbook was created for you.

5 Steps to Breakthrough Workshop

Feel like you're just spinning your wheels as the wife of an alcoholic?

If you need a breakthrough then this free on-demand workshop is for you.

From Doubt to Confidence: Building Self-Worth as the Wife of an Alcoholic (Microcourse + Study)

Are you struggling with your self-esteem as the wife of an alcoholic? 

Or always doubting your decisions or ability?

Maybe all of the above?

Unfortunately those are all common occurences in this situation.

If you are having trouble in any of these areas then this Microcourse + Study is for you.

Anchored in Faith: Partnering with God in the Midst of Addiction (Microcourse + Study)

It is SO hard to 'Let Go and Let God' when our husband is addicted. But it is also critical that we do so.

Partnering with God can not only provide immense relief for us through this, but also teaches us how to leave our husbands in the most capable hands there are.

If you are having trouble turning this battle over to the Lord then this Microcourse + Study is for you!

Simply Nourished Program

Nutrition and wellness made easy for the struggling and overwhelmed.

'Simply Nourished  is designed to help YOU: the Christian woman who knows she needs to treat her body better, but feels too overwhelmed by her circumstances to even try.

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