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The Secret Sisters Circle

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⭐️(START HERE) Getting Started Step 1: Welcome and Intro to the SSC

📚 SSC Library (an index of lessons by topic)

The SSC Library contains all of the lessons that have been taught In the Secret Sisters Circle so far, organized by topic so you can easily find help with any problem you may be facing right now.

🗣 Secret Sisters Circle Community (link to the private group)

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👉🏻This membership is NOT intended for those in an abusive relationship. If there is even the possibility of any sort of abuse in your situation please get to a safe place. If you need help call 800.799.SAFE (7233).

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Any decisions you choose to make based on your interpretation of the content is your responsibility. Married to Addiction/Julie Sanford takes no responsibility for your personal decisions or actions taken. You are also encouraged to seek out professional opinions and support before making any big decisions.

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