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Nutrition and wellness made easy for the struggling and overwhelmed

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It's go time, but you can do this. It'll be easier than you think. I promise.

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The Foundation

In this module I'll show you how eating healthy is not as hard as it seems.

I'll simply break down what to eat, and why to eat it. 

I'll also give you some awesome healthy swaps, so you won't feel deprived.

Healthy Habits

Here's where you will start to add some healthy habits to your life.

You'll have several to choose from, but you will implement them ONE at a time.

Making gradual changes helps you stay on track, keeps you out of overwhelm, and keeps you from quitting!

Reaching Your Goals

This is where you'll lay out some goals for yourself based on the Healthy Habits you've chosen. You will also get a tracker to track your progress.

This is a great way to be accountable to yourself (and others if you choose to share with the group)!

Easy Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas

Here you'll find a library of recipes and meal ideas that you can use to build your Healthy Food Binder!

Many are my own recipes, but I've also curated some of my favorites from around the web and included them here as well. These are indicated by a (*) after the recipe name. 

Be sure to check out the quick video walkthrough of how to use my recipes. They are written a bit differently to save you the maximum amount of time in the kitchen!

Meal Planning Made Easy

Is one of the biggest reasons you don't eat healthy because of all the planning it takes?!

This is where most people get overwhelmed.

We will solve that problem in this module! You won't believe how easy this is.

Products I Love

There are so many 'healthy' products on the market....some good....and some not so good.

Here is where I will share my favorites so that you don't have to do the 'trial and error' yourself!

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